Francis Upritchard in VIVA ARTE VIVA at the 57th Venice Biennale

Francis Upritchard in VIVA ARTE VIVA at the 57th Venice Biennale


The 57th Venice Biennale

The Arsenale, Venice, Italy

May 13 – November 26, 2017

We congratulate Francis Upritchard on her participation in the 57th Venice Biennale's Viva Arte Viva, curated by Chrsitine Macel. New sculptures will debut in The Pavillion of Traditions.

About the Exhibition

Today, in a world full of conflicts and shocks, art bears witness to the most precious part of what makes us human. Art is the ultimate ground for reflection, individual expression, freedom, and for fundamental questions. Art is the favorite realm for dreams and utopias, a catalyst for human connections that roots us both to nature and the cosmos, that elevates us to a spiritual dimension. Art is the last bastion, a garden to cultivate above and beyond trends and personal interests. It stands as an unequivocal alternative to individualism and indifference. It builds us up and edifies us. At a time of global disorder, art embraces life, even if doubt ensues inevitably. The role, the voice and the responsibility of the artist are more crucial than ever before within the framework of contemporary debates. It is in and through these individual initiatives that the world of tomorrow takes shape, which though surely uncertain, is often best intuited by artists than others.

The Pavillion of Traditions

Traditions that were once rejected in the 18th century by the Enlightenment and later by secular modernity, have re-emerged in the worst sense, namely fundamentalism and conservatism, sparking rejection and nostalgia for the past believed to be better. However and in spite of the many hesitations experienced as part of modernity and its faith in the project of a new man, the past thirty years have provided the opportunity, in the field of art, to question tradition no longer from the point of view of customs and behaviours, often associated with religion or morality, but through the lens of dialogue between the old and the recent.  The last few years have seen a plethora of artists explore not only contemporary or recent
history, but also a more distant past, as if fired by the fever of archaeology, excavation, reinterpretation and reinvention. A sign of unstable times, tainted by a feeling of a by-gone era that must open up to new values, art delves into long past historical references in an urge for legitimacy, rebirth, and reinvention

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