On the death of NASA's Space Shuttle Program at FiveMyles

June 23 - July 15, 2017
Installation by Dan Carlson

Dan Carlson's exhibition at FiveMyles is the culmination of a three year long multi-disciplinary project that combines sculpture, video, photography and drawing. It is the artist's response to the death of NASA's space shuttle program, and the emergence of drone technology.

Finely drawn images of the blueprints for space crafts let the viewer contemplate these miracles of science and technology; an astronaut sits inside a big light box, and plays solitaire - the ultimate romance of space travel. Large photographs of constellations are light dots on a dark background. The entire installation imparts a sense of nostalgia for a time when space exploration seemed an infinitely exciting and on-going project. 

Gallery Hours: Thu - Sun, 1 - 6pm

Hanne Tierney
558 St Johns Place
Brooklyn, NY 11238